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企業文化 Enterprise Culture

企業使命: 以領先的科技水平,助自動化工業提升效率
Leading automation industry to improve efficiency with leading technology level                 

經營方針: 聆聽用戶的聲音推陳出新打造精品
Business policy:Hearing users'voice, sustaining innovations andcreating superiorproducts                 

經營理念: 品質第一、服務至上
Business philosophy:Quality first, service first                 

管理理念: 宏觀構架精心部署抓住重點跟蹤推進重視細節全面落實
Managementphilosophy:Macrostructure.meticulous deployment,setting priorities,tracking operation,focusing on details and overall implementation                 

質量理念: 以客為尊以質取勝以人為本精益為精
Qualityconcept:Customer first, competing on quality, people first and striving forexcellence                 

Safetyproduction philosophy:People first, safe development                 

企業目標: 創建中國最強最大最好的控制器
Building China's strongest, largest and best controller                 

團隊理念: 天時不如地利,地利不如人和?;厥鬃蛱?,應是問心無愧;面對今天,應是倍加珍惜;望明天,應是信心百倍 !
Opportunities vouchsafed by Heaven are less important than terrestrial advantages, which in turn are less important than the unity among people. Looking back on yesterday, we should have a clear conscience; facing today, we should cherish it more; looking forward to tomorrow, we should have a hundred times confidence!